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Popular Kiddie Rides To Buy For An Amusement Park In The Philippines

If you own an amusement park in the Philippines, choosing the right rides is an important part of your success. Along with large rides that are designed to appeal to teens and adults, you should also include at least a few smaller rides that appeal to young children. That way, people of all ages can have a great time at your amusement park.

Kiddie Rides Carousel For Sale In Philippines
Kiddie Rides Carousel For Sale In Philippines

When deciding which kiddie rides ( to include in your park, you should consider adding some of the most popular styles. There are certain classic kiddie rides that consistently draw crowds. Adding rides like these to your park can make a big difference in how much fun people have when they visit.

A small kiddie Ferris wheel is a great choice. This classic amusement park ride consists of a vertical wheel that rotates around its central axis. On the outer edge of the wheel, there are cars mounted at regular intervals. As the wheel rotates, the cars carry the riders high above the ground, giving them a view of the whole park. Ferris wheels that are made for young children are usually much smaller than full-sized Ferris wheels that are designed for adults. However, they are still a lot of fun to ride.

6 Seats Kiddie Rides Carousel For Sale In Philippines
6 Seats Kiddie Rides Carousel For Sale In Philippines

Carousels are also a great choice. These rides ( usually feature a circular platform with a large post in the center. At the top of the post, there is a circular roof that is the same size as the platform.

Between the bottom platform and the roof, there are whimsical animals with saddles on them. The animals are attached to posts that run from the lower platform to the ceiling. The ride itself rotates around in a circle. As it does, the animals move up and down on their posts, as if they are galloping. Kids can sit in the saddles and ride the animals around in circles, going up and down as they spin around. You can find carousels in a lot of different sizes and styles, many of which are suitable for young children.

When you think of roller coasters, you probably envision towering structures with sharp drops, loop-the-loops, and other frightening features. While there certainly are a lot of scary roller coasters out there, there are also a lot that cater to kids. Roller coasters ( that are designed as kiddie rides are usually extremely mild. They generally are quite small and have just a few hills and valleys. They move relatively slowly so that young kids don’t get too scared while they are riding on them.

If you have an amusement park in the Philippines, there are several popular kiddie rides that you should consider purchasing. These include a small Ferris wheel, a carousel, and a roller coaster that is designed specifically for kids. All three of these rides come in a variety of different styles and designs, allowing you to customize their look to fit the overall theme of your park. Whichever style you go with, you can be sure that young kids will love riding on these classic amusement park rides.

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Something About Trackless Train Price

Trackless trains refer to the trains that work on the land, used to transport passengers or freight, consisting of a powered vehicle pulling the carriages attached to it with the help of drawbar couplings. These trains that are present in are used for different purposes in airports, tourist spots, fairs, amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks, etc. In airports, they are used to transport freight or baggage. In tourist spots, they are used to take tourists on a ride for site seeing. In other parks, carnivals, fairs, etc, they are used as fun rides and attract kids.

Kiddie Electric Trackless Trains

Features of Trackless Trains

1. The components of the trackless train include rubber bumpers, passenger wagon panels, locomotive, electric engine, trims, carriages, etc.
2. They can be run on different surfaces like grass, pavement, gravel, concrete, leveled roads, marble flooring, etc.
3. They are made of high-quality FRP, Fiberglass Reinforced plastic.
4. The locomotive is finely designed, polished, and high-quality automotive paint is used to paint them.
5. They come in different sizes, colors, designs, and colorful LED lights.
6. They are safe to operate and comes at a reasonable price.
7. They are eco-friendly and comes with an electric engine powered by high quality and highly durable batteries.
8. They have a high life span and has low maintenance.
9. The capacity of the train depends on the model. Generally, it would accommodate 16-17 people.
10. The trains have a safety alarm or a bell to alarm the surrounding vehicles or people. It doesn’t travel at high speed, which helps it to stop in case of an emergency halt.
11. The battery life is about 17 hours and the engine battery is rechargeable.

One can find different types of trains in malls, amusement parks, tourist spots or theme parks. Some of them include:

  • 1. Mall trains

Most of the malls contain trackless trains decorated in different themes, with attractive colors, lighting, and music. They attract the kids in the mall and give them a fun ride. They operate within the area of safety and are thus safe for the kids.

  • 2. Barrel train

A barrel train has small trailers linked together, which gives a rugged look to the train. It is made of plastic, or wooden or metal. Every cabin in this train has a safety belt. They are versatile, easy to operate and are reliable.

  • 3. Themed Trains

The trackless trains can be customized according to the themes. These are mainly used in private carnivals with a theme or in theme parks. Some of them include Ocean theme, elephant theme, Christmas theme, party trains, etc.

  • 4. Thomas trains

The Thomas train is a trackless train designed based on the TV series. It attracts the kids and the elderly alike. The train has a cute Thomas face with blushing cheeks, distinctive eyebrows, and a wide smile. It comes in various colors and is so attractive.

  • 5. Electric train for tourists

These trackless trains are highly beneficial and profit generating. They are eco-friendly and are driven by a battery, which lasts for about 17 hours once it is charged. Tourists, mainly elderly, or people who can’t walk for long distances, kids, people with toddlers, find these very useful for traveling while site seeing.

  • Advantages of Trackless Train

1. They are easy to operate and are safe for passengers, mainly kids.
2. The trackless trains used for freight purposes saves energy and time in transporting freight.
3. Tourists find it easy traveling in trackless trains for sightseeing.
4. They are fun and attracts kids and adults, and can generate good income for the business.
5. They come at a reasonable cost with good quality.
6. The high-quality FRP makes the maintenance easy and the durable paints don’t fade off soon, which decreases the maintenance cost of the train.
7. They are highly popular and can be customized according to the specifications mentioned by the customer.8. They do not need promotion as they are very popular among the fun rides.

Price of Trackless Train

The cost of a trackless train depends on the customization, the quality of products used, the intricate operation system, no. of carriages it has, etc. Most of them are available at a reasonable cost and generate huge profits.
The after-sales service and the warranty provided by the supplier makes it easy for the customer with the maintenance of the trains.

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